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Information for Tourists

What do you need to know before going on holiday to Cyprus? Our guide will help you prepare for a successful holiday so that nothing can spoil your stay on this sunny island.

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Holidays in Cyprus

Cyprus is a relatively small island - but a very attractive one for tourists! After all, it manages to combine the majestic monuments of ancient civilizations against the backdrop of beautiful nature. While spending a holiday in Cyprus, an inquisitive tourist can learn the architecture of the Stone Age, learn the secrets of Greek temples and Roman theatres, experience Crusader castles and enjoy the beauty of the Turkish mosques. One can say that the world culture is collected here in miniature.

Cyprus is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations. The mild climate, the sea, the water which never gets colder than eighteen degrees, the gentle sun and the golden beaches - these are the reasons to go on holiday to Cyprus.

A relaxing beach holiday in Cyprus can always be combined with educational trips. There is always something to see and do in Cyprus. Alongside Christian churches, the beauty of Muslim mosques and the sophistication of ancient temples never fail to impress. Buildings dating back to the Byzantine era and the Middle Ages take you into the spirit of these fascinating eras.

For example, in the Kykkos monastery, built in 1092, you can see the miraculous icon of Christ and Mary, the Mother of Jesus. According to tradition, the Apostle Luke created it seven years after the Resurrection.

One of the most important landmarks of Cyprus is the castle of Kolossi, which was home to the Crusaders and later the Knights of Malta (the Knights Hospitaller). The main occupation of the settlers was the cultivation of sugar cane and grapes. It is believed that it was as a result of the work of the Knights Hospitaller that the world can enjoy the famous Commandaria ('Commanderie' being the headquarters of the Knights Hospitaller) wine.

Путеводитель по Кипру
Путеводитель по Кипру

One of the most visited places on the island is the Sanctuary of the Olympic god Apollo. Many people associate Cyprus with ancient Greek mythology. Aphrodite is believed to have emerged from the foam of the sea onto the shores of Cyprus.

Each resort in Cyprus has its own way of life. For example, Limassol is the second largest city of Cyprus. Its beaches are considered some of the best on the island. In addition, there are a lot of museums, archaeological sites. To spice up your holiday in Limassol you can visit water parks, as well as the only zoo in Cyprus.

Lovers of ancient sights will love a holiday in Paphos. Due to its abundance of historical monuments, Paphos was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980. Paphos was also once the capital of Cyprus and its main port.

It is impossible to imagine a holiday in Cyprus without its traditional cuisine. The variety of delicious and fragrant dishes will satisfy even the most demanding gourmet. The most famous dishes of Cyprus are baked lamb and a variety of soups. Egg yolk soup with greens and lemon juice, lentil soup or thyme soup are a must. All dishes are made with fresh ingredients, herbs and olive oil.

Having visited Cyprus, many people agree with the opinion that there is a paradise on Earth after all. Some decide to make this amazing island their home. Some people buy property on Cyprus to create a cosy corner on the shore of the gentle sea, and rest there from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. The Cypriot government has no objection to foreigners investing in property in Cyprus. The properties for sale are available to both businesses and individuals.

Our website helps you make sense of all this splendour and diversity. Here you can find information about the best resorts in Cyprus, hotels, itineraries, paperwork and much more. Everything that can be useful for a tourist planning to visit Cyprus can be found on our portal. The site also covers such an important aspect as Cyprus real estate. The portal contains a database of Cyprus real estate, tips on buying property in Cyprus and how to maximize the benefits to the customer.

Путеводитель по Кипру
Путеводитель по Кипру

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