Аbout Cyprus

Your personal guide to Cyprus will tell you everything you need to know about the island. History, culture, population, climate and weather, languages, renting and buying property, cities, state, local cuisine and much more. Learn all about the people of Cyprus, when to go on holiday, and which destinations to visit first. The best things to know about Cyprus are found in this section. This information will be of interest even to those who are not planning to visit the island but who just want to get to know it better.


Features of the island state of Cyprus: The Greek national currency, symbols, economy and political regime. What to know before a holiday in Cyprus.


History of the island of Cyprus from antiquity to the present day. The most important events, dates, periods and eras. The history of the making of Cyprus.

The property

The best way to buy or rent a property in Cyprus: find out how to buy a house or a villa, how much it costs. Search the best offers.

National cuisine

Cypriot cuisine: specialities, recipes and typical products, the influence of other countries on shaping Cypriot cuisine. What to try on the island.


Tourist cities of Cyprus: how to get there, where to go, what to see and what to try. Features and attractions of Cypriot cities.


The culture of Cyprus: traditions, customs, characteristics, population, languages. The influence of other states and nations on the development of the Cypriot culture.


The geography of Cyprus: the island's location, climatic and weather conditions, relief, flora and fauna. Geographical features of Cyprus.